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Most-happening hostels in B.A and Cusco.

Very friendly and very helpful staff.

Excellent location, walking distance to all major highlights.

Night life.

Powerful showers.

Best place in B. A and Cusco to meet new people.

Tickets to any football game, concert or any big event going on in Buenos Aires and Cusco.

Incredible discounts for tourists activities.

Milhouse always rocks.

  • Locos de Atar party was awesome! Theres something good brewing in Milhouse Cusco!
  • Get the best promo and rates booking here! is the place to go!
  • -MilDrums- Brand new Drum Lesson @ Milhouse Avenue!
  • Milhouse is the 3rd best youth hostel in the world according to WYSE!!! Congrats to HOAX and Generator!
  • We´ve got everything to offer you in BA! Who´s up for some empanada making?
  • Creamfields is coming to BA! get your early bird ticket with us! for enquiries